Director: Miwa Yanagizawa & Igor Angelkorte

Producer: Carlos Eduardo Valinoti

Production Co: Nostro

Country: Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Genre: Drama

Time Lenght: 100’



Ten people. Five meetings. What empathy and strangeness can they cause in the meeting of unknown people among themselves in a world where institutions are fragile? “Planta Baixa” (Blue Print) is a panel of meetings between two people in a city microcosm. The loneliness and collapse imminence that crosses the current moment of each character’s life is what these people carry in common.


Director: Bruno Mello

Producer: Carlos Eduardo Valinoti

Coproducers: Nostro and Niña Niño Films (Chile)

Countries: Brazil, Chile, France (TBC)

Language: Portuguese

Genre: Fiction

Time Lenght: 90’

(in development)

Labs and Markets: PLOT ScriptLab,

Ventana Sur, Marché du Film


Julia works in the technical area of a radio station. The discovery of an old vinyl record will boost her rapprochement with electronic music. In a different and dystopian time, a same Julia crosses a forest recording unknown sounds, which form a link with the mysterious disk. The lm features a structure composed of two parallel stories starring a single character - Julia, a young composer. The dialogue between these two stories create an allegory about memory and the creative process.

Daughters of Saint_1.jpg


Director: Victoria Visco Mendonça

Producer: Carlos Eduardo Valinoti

Production Co: Nostro

Countries: Brazil and Germany (TBC) 

Languages: Portuguese


Time Length: 80’

(in development)

Labs and Markets: Goiania Mostra Curtas ScriptLab, DOKLeipzig CoProduction Meeting


Following the lives of 4 women of resistant matriarchal religions, we explore the ways they find to exist while fighting against intolerance under Brazil's new oppressive right-wing government, whilst guided by feminine energies. "Daughters of Saint" is a documentary that turns the camera to there young women who fight for survival in a moment of political and ideological crisis; offering a panorama of the flourishing of a new feminism in spiritual houses of African-indigenous origin.